10 Weird Facts about Japan

10 Weird Facts about Japan That Will Make You Cringe Out Of Disbelief

It’s always different feeling to learn the styles or following the culture in other countries. We just need to know the lifestyle of them whether they follow them or totally different?

I have notice the lots of things from the last few years. I will say that the Japan has the most weird traditions and culture. This is the lad where sun rises where you can find different of things in one nation. They are most known due to their extreme technological growth but there are few more acts which will let you know about the interesting facts of Japan.

  • Kancho is the most famous prank in Japan where they force you to involve your fingers in someone’s backside.

Then they shout Kancho and this prank used even in celebs too.

  • The Japanese men in 20s and 30s will make up 98% of 8000 adoption in a year

This will be done, because they can pass their business to male heir. This is really shit.

  • Japan really has different and weird collection of foods.
  • You can see Go signal in traffic lights is green where as in Japan it’s blue.
  • Ohaguro was a popular custom in Japan in the 19th
  • Women in Japan were used to dissolve their teeth

They will dissolve their teeth in the solution of Vinegar and Iron to blacken it completely. It considered as attractive.

  • Japanese holds the 60 percent of all board cast animation in the word which is provided by their animes.

You can see 130 voice acting schools for anime.

  • You know about Kit Kat which will cones in green tea in Japan and apart from that you can see it in soya bean, wasabi and sweet potatoes favor.
  • There is a most popular festival in Japan called as Hadaka Matsuri which is naked festival. This is celebrated in many parts of Japan.
  • This is really shocking. The nursing homes for the aged people in Japan will get 15 million cigarettes for free.

There are lots of smokers in Japan where one in three people smoke there. This will be average in 83 years old people. This is due to the fitness routine and healthy eating habits.

This is the video where you will get more details.


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